Electric heating

Engineering systems of cable electrical heat tracing.
In 1 of June, 2004, Ukrainian national construction regulation 2.5-24-2003, the electric cable heating system, was firstly introduced and fixed in Ukraine. The requirements of these standards spread to the designing and installation of electric cable heating systems. General technical requirements of using the cable electrical heat tracing is defined in Chapter 9, The rules of electrical installation. Special electrical installations. Statutory and regulatory enactments of the protection of labour 40.1.32-01.
The electric cable heating systems – is one of the most effective heating system. The electric energy is directly converted into heat in the heating cables, which are fixed in a concrete floor structure. The thermal insulation materials are used in the constructions of the electric cable heating systems for effective distribution of heat release. The electric cable heating system can be calculated and constructed in such way like the construction elements of the building, so it`s possible to accumulate a significant proportion of the heat during the night with failure of electrical load schedule network. There is the lowest electricity tariff at night. Such decision has at least two strong positive effects (which we call it electric cable heating system with the thermal storage):
The operating costs for heating descend significantly. It`s very important in the conditions of rising energy prices.
The schedule of loading electrical network is optimized (aligned), is filled night failure loads and is reduced the daily load. So, the capacity of the power supply improves and it increases the efficiency of power systems.
Furthermore, we have to note the following advantages of using the electric cable heating system:
The absence of boiler, convector and tubes (which heat to a high temperature of elements that reduce the efficiency factor of the systems, are cumbersome and dry the air).
It has the uniform heating of the air throughout the room.
It`s easy to control the temperature conditions in the separate rooms. The opportunity to control the temperature programming according to the time of a day and a day of the week.
There is the fire safety. The heating element is in concrete.
The absence of the leaks of the coolant fluid.
It has very easy installation during construction works.
Our company TEN Engineering is pleased to offer you the services of the constructional designing, the installation and maintenance of various systems of electric heating cable, the frost protection (snowmelt), the antiicing (frost) and compensation of heat loss, for example:
The electric cable heating systems, including the systems with the heat storage in the structures during the night;
The underfloor heating to a comfortable temperature, the floor heating systems;
The anti-icing systems (snowmelt) for outdoor playgrounds, roads and paths, parking lots, etc.;
The anti-icing systems (snowmelt) of roofs, gutters, eaves, etc.;
The heating systems of greenhouses, lawns and playgrounds with the sports facilities;
The systems of freeze protection: the building structures and ground in cold rooms (for cold storage);
The systems of protection from the freeze for liquids and compensation of heat loss in the pipelines and the storage reservoirs;
The systems of industrial electrical heating cable.
The main active (fuel) element of these systems is the heating cable.
The classification of the heating cables which are used in various engineering systems, according to such parameters:
1. According to the type of heating element:
* Resistive
* Solid
* Two-wire
* Self-control type
* Zonal
2. According the heating temperature in the steady mode:
* Low temperature
* Medium temperature
* High temperature
3. The presence of the screen shell:
* With the screen shell
* Without the screen shell
4. The presence of the wire armored cable:
* With the wire armored cable
* Without the wire armored cable
5. According to the type of delivery by the manufacturer:
* Delivery of the drums (detachable cable)
* Supply of finished sections of heating cable
* Supply of finished rugs (heating mats)
6. According to the presence of protection against ultraviolet radiation (solar radiation):
* With UV protection
* Without the protection from UV
7. Whenever is possible, the installation in the areas with explosive atmosphere or aggressive environment, or with medium and high temperature:
* With the possibility of installation in this area
* Without the possibility of installation in this area
8. According to the assignment of using:
* For commercial and home use
* For industrial use.

We use proven equipment and materials of the best European and domestic manufacturers in our projects. We seek and find solutions for various price segments of the building supplies market. We create the solutions for the budget of the customer, but we don`t allow to lower the price level below that is permitted. Mutually beneficial cooperation with our customers – is the basis and the rule of our business.
We are open to the partnerships and we are ready to satisfy your individual requirements. Thanks to years of the experience and high qualifications of our employees in the designing and installation of electrical heating cable systems, our company has had some success in the construction market of Ukraine.
We have own disposal electrical measurement laboratory to perform measurements and tests. The certificate №PT-213/13 DP Ukrmetrteststandart about the certification of laboratories.
The production of business is produced according to the basis of state licenses and certificates:
License №262962 Series AE State Architectural and Construction Inspectorate of Ukraine;
Permissions №2527.13.32 State Service of Mining Supervision and Industrial Safety at work with increased risk;
License №271889 Series AE State emergency services for the designing and installation of lightning protection systems;
Qualification certificate №01667 series AR Ministry of Regional Development, Construction and Housing and Communal Services in the engineering and construction designing.

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