The lightning protection and grounding

The lightning strikes have a crushing effect and pose a danger to humans and environment.
The direct lightning strike into a building causes losses of enormous sums every year. The lightning current is able to destroy or burn the building. The electric shock often is fatal for the humans and animals.
The effects of the secondary influence of lightning (peak overvoltage and electromagnetic interference in a variety of engineering networks, high potential in a variety of metal structures) also cause considerable property loss.
At the same time, we are sure that to minimize risks and to avoid the irreparable consequences of large losses is a real problem.
It`s impossible to compare the cost of equipment an effective lightning protection with the losses associated with the lightning of buildings and structures, as well as systems engineering.
We briefly describe the structure of a classical lightning protection system.
1.The protection against the direct lightning strikes (external lightning protection) consists of the following elements:
• The system of discharge rods;
• The system down conductors;
• The ground network.
2. The protection from the secondary effects of lightning (internal lightning protection) is carried out by means of the following measures and devices:
• Screening (reduces electromagnetic interference);
• Equipotential bonding and grounding of metal elements (reduces contact voltage);
• Devices Surge Protection (SPD) (provides protection for utility networks and equipment Surge).

The construction of the lightning protection of buildings and structures ,in Ukraine, is regulated by the National Standard of Ukraine DSTU B V.2.5-38: 2008. Mentioned above standard provides four levels of protection. If there is greater the impact of lightning facilities, there will be the higher the required level of protection. Let us compare the same facility in two variants of building the lightning protection. Variant 1: the highest level of protection. Variant 2: the lowest level of protection IV. According to the Variant 1: the installation of big quantity of lightning rods and fourth conductors, the fixing arrangements and the ground loop might be more material-intensive. The cost of the lightning protection under Variant 1 is more than in Variant 2. At the same time, more expensive variant has higher level of protection, higher efficiency and less risk of loss from the lightning strikes. The required level of protection is determined in accordance with the table – Annex A of the standard DSTU B V.2.5-38: 2008. In the project can be a higher level by the request of the customer.

We would like to turn attention to the next nuance. Choosing a contractor for the installation of the lightning protection system, the main criterion for selection is the price issue. If you do not deal with the levels of protection offered by the options, you can become a hostage to an illogical situation. It means that the most effective protection is not accepted. The customer selects the economy variant. It will be great, if this cheaper variant is required (according to DSTU – National Standards of Ukraine B V.2.5-38: 2008) to the level of protection; otherwise, the customer choose the variant with unjustified risk. To avoid such event, we strongly recommend to choose the professionals for designing and installation work, who well know the business. The investments in engineering to the facilities must be reasonable with constructional and technical standards. In addition, they have to be sufficient for the realization of the project, according to the quality and minimum risk.
We search and find the best solutions for all price segments of the construction market. We create the solutions for the budget of the customer, but we don`t allow to lower the price level below that is permitted. Mutually beneficial cooperation with our customers – is the basis and the rule of our business. We are open to partnerships and ready to satisfy your individual requirements.
We offer you the modern and optimal solutions for lightning protection of various facilities. We use the materials and equipment of the best European and domestic manufacturers in our projects. As a result of big selection of materials of copper, aluminum, stainless and galvanized steel for lightning protection, we achieve a high quality and fabricability of the work, and the designing of the facility doesn`t suffer.
The complex arrangement of our work on the lightning protection system for the turnkey facility includes:
• Collection of the baseline data for the designing;
• Designing of lightning protection systems;
• Project approval in the agencies of State Service of Ukraine for Emergencies;
• Works of installation;
• Preparation and production of the executive documentation, the measurement protocols, the operating and technical documentation;
• Organization of acceptance of lightning protection systems in exploitation;
• Guaranteed afterguarantee service.

The grounding
In Electrical Installations Code (EIC) the whole Chapter 1.7 is devoted to the grounding: Grounding and electrical protection measures, which regulates the arrangement of earthing devices, grounding and protective conductors and the equipotential bonding system.
The grounding – is the electrical connection between a particular point of the system or the installation and earth. In practice, grounding is carried out by grounding devices like the earthing device and the grounding conductors altogether electrically interconnected. The earthing devices (ground wire) are the grounding conductors, which take part in electrical contact with the ground, directly or through an intermediate conducting area (for example – in the concrete).
The grounding – is one of the main protective measures to ensure safety of electrical installations.
The grounding of protection has to be in:
• All metal casings of electrical machines, transformers and devices;
• All metal constructions of switchyards which in normal operation are not under electrical voltage;
• Armor and screen cable sheathing;
• Metal hose and pipe conduit cables;
• Covers, trays, cables, steel tape fasteners;
• All metal casings mobile and portable installations.
There is functional (working) grounding in addition to grounding of protection. It`s the grounding of point of the electrical system in order to ensure electromagnetic compatibility. For example, in electricity with 0.4 kilovolt –is the dull neutral grounding.
The grounding also is used for the lightning protection systems. Special requirements for the grounding devices may be applied in medical engineering systems, low-voltage systems, gathering systems, transmission and processing of data, etc.
Designing and installation of various grounding devices –is one of the spheres of specialization of our campaign.
We offer you modern and optimal solutions for the designing, installation and maintenance of various grounding devices.
We have own disposal electrical measurement laboratory to perform measurements and tests. The certificate №PT-213/13 DP Ukrmetrteststandart about the certification of laboratories.
The production of business is produced according to the basis of state licenses and certificates:
• License №262962 Series AE State Architectural and Construction Inspectorate of Ukraine;
• Permissions №2527.13.32 State Service of Mining Supervision and Industrial Safety at work with increased risk;
• License №271889 Series AE State emergency services for the design and installation of lightning protection systems;
• Qualification certificate №01667 series AR Ministry of Regional Development, Construction and Housing and Communal Services in the engineering and construction design.

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